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Amazing Keto Butter Coffee Recipe

January 16, 2019 4 min read

Amazing Keto Butter Coffee Recipe


It’s November but feels like fall already. I like these days. The weather is warm and I can bask in the sun for hours without a problem. The mornings are a bit cold, which is kind of nice. And all these things make my keto butter coffee taste a lot better.


Keto Butter Coffee For Energy And Focus

Some people are unable to find a link between butter and coffee. I put MCT oil and butter in my coffee so I can get more energy from it. And the great thing is it always keeps me full, which helps me become more productive. Moreover, butter coffee tastes much more delicious!

I have over a year of experience making keto butter coffee. It’s also known as the “bulletproof coffee”; however, this term refers to a certain brand.

I know a lot of low-carb recipes, and my readers often wonder how I keep generating more ideas. I can’t share all of the recipes for I don’t have that much time to test, photograph, write and post on my site.

The great thing about the bulletproof coffee is that it can help you get rid of frustration and stay focused at all times. This coffee recipe is more beneficial for those who have an office job. Handling paperwork requires a great deal of attention. If you are not focused enough, you won’t be able to get your job done.

Now, let’s get to the point. In the following paragraphs, you will read about a  butter coffee recipe that I love the most. You can easily follow this recipe to make a butter coffee that tastes great.


 Butter Coffee Recipe for Keto

Making Bulletproof Coffee At Home

The Bulletproof coffee is a brand that is popular for making coffee with a common ingredient called butter. You may have heard of it somewhere.

Some people think that the term “Bulletproof coffee” refers to the keto butter coffee, but Bulletproof coffee” is a trademark, not a general term. The bulletproof coffee recipe we are discussing in this article is not affiliated with any brand.

When I am home alone, I make my own version of butter coffee. The top ingredients of this coffee include ghee/grass-fed butter, coffee, and MCT oil. The beauty of MCT oil is that it is easy on the stomach.

Another thing that I sometimes add to my  butter coffee recipe is unsweetened almond milk. As far as I think, it is more latte-like. Collagen protein powder is another favorite ingredient of mine. You can add it if you want to.


 Butter Coffee Recipe With MCT Oil Powder

Recipe #1: Butter And MCT Oil

For the first time, I read about the keto coffee in a Facebook group. At first, I thought it was a strange concept to make a combo of butter and coffee. Moreover, I found the idea uninteresting, but it did trigger my curiosity. So, I gave it a go anyway. Now, I am happy that I didn’t reject the idea.

At first, I thought I just needed to mix MCT oil with my butter coffee. It made my coffee quite oily and repulsive. I should have blended it well. Blending it will make the coffee creamy just like a low-carb latte.

For blending, I used a good quality blender, which worked fine. However, I hated the cleaning part. It didn’t want to clean up the mess each time I had a cup of butter coffee. Moreover, this approach didn’t let me had the coffee at the office. So, I looked for another method that didn’t involve the use of a blender.

Recently, I heard about a good alternative to blender: milk frother. At first, I was kind of skeptical but the idea worked for me. The milk frother did a better job than the blender. Moreover, this device is a lot easier to clean.

Based on your preference, you can go for a blender or frother.


Butter Coffee Recipe with MCT and Collagen

Recipe #2: MCT Oil And Collagen

There are many keto coffee recipes out there and most of them use a combo of MCT oil and butter. For the traditional approach, only a tablespoon of each ingredient is used. However, you can use more or less of each of the ingredient based on your taste.

Although the typical bulletproof coffee offers a great taste, I sometimes prefer a version that is a bit lighter. Actually, I don’t like a coffee that is too heavy or contains a lot of calories. I prefer to get my calories from food only.

The  keto coffee recipe that I follow makes a coffee that tastes amazing. I have been drinking this coffee for over a year now. And the plus point is that it offers all of the benefits that you can get from the bulletproof coffee. It’s energy boosting, appetite suppressing, delicious and creamy. Moreover, it’s lighter and offers a bit of protein as well.

Now, you might me thinking how you can maintain the right balance. This is easy. All you need to do is use a bit less of MCT oil and butter. As far as my taste goes, I think a teaspoon of each is more than enough. However, you can add more as per your preference.

Aside from butter and MCT oil, you can add unsweetened almond milk and collagen. These ingredients have plenty of protein. Plus, collagen is good for your skin and joint health. Collagen and almond also make the coffee creamier.

So, if you are looking for a good  butter coffee recipe, we suggest that you try out the two recipes given in this article. Enjoy!

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