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Chapter 12: Your Expectations During the First 4 Weeks

June 25, 2018 4 min read

Chapter 12: Your Expectations During the First 4 Weeks

Usually, you will need more than a month to adapt to the ketogenic diet. If you know what will happen during the transition, it will be easier for you to go through the adaptation process. Lets take a look at the first 4 weeks!


Week 1

Try to make it simple. Going through any change is difficult. Therefore, it’s better that you make the process as simple as possible. You need to be patient once you have removed carbohydrate-rich foods from your diet. Removing all of the carb-rich foods during the first week is not a good idea as it may cause stress and frustration.

So, what should you do in order to make your first Keto diet week easier for yourself?

You need to have a plan for your meals. This will allow you to eat pre-made foods before you leave for somewhere. Since most of us love eating fast food, grabbing pre-made food before getting out will keep you from eating junk food.

During the first 7 days of your keto diet, you may experience a lot of signs and symptoms of keto. Therefore, make sure you have enough water and salt. It’s even better if you stay away from dessert for at least first 14 days. Don’t go near sugar either.


Week 2

Again, you should keep things simple during the second week of your keto diet. You should follow the same approach you did during the first 7 days. However, you may want to make some minor substations to reduce your cravings and feel better.

If possible, you should opt for a fat-based coffee. You can add some heavy cream, butter and coconut oil to your coffee to feel the energy throughout the day. The beauty of a fat coffee is its taste: it is delicious.

Keep in mind that you should stay away from desserts as well. Fruits are full of sugars, so eating fruits may slow down your keto diet progress.


Week 3

After the first 2 two weeks of your keto diet, you will become a “pro”. The third week you should be ready to fast.

During the ketosis state, your body is in a sort of fasting state. You don’t have to fast every day. Fasting a couple of days a month is enough. Fasting will boost the process of burning fat at a faster pace.

If intermittent fasting is not feasible for you, you have another way out. You can eat a larger breakfast and then avoid eating anything for the rest of the day.

It’s important to keep in mind that fasting is not a requirement of the keto diet. Actually, fasting helps you adapt to the diet faster. You are don’t have to reduce the amount of food you eat, but it doesn’t fit your macros, you may have to eat less.

Whether you choose to opt for sporadic fasting, the third week of your keto diet is important in a fun way. Now, you can put together a diet plan that consists of a set of delicious foods that you always wanted to eat.

And the good news is that the third week allows you to add desserts to your diet once again. Plus, you can make a lot of delicious desserts from the comfort of your home.


Week 4

After the third week, you will become a kind of keto diet guru. Once you have become mature now, you need to get ready to follow a stricter diet plan.

First off, you need to stop eating breakfast and lunch.

As said earlier, whether to fast or not is up to you. If you help your body maintain the ketosis state for the first 4 weeks, it will be easier for you to prevent the side-effects and adapt to the keto diet a lot faster.

If you find it hard to avoid eating breakfast and lunch, we can help. Given below are a few tips that may help you.

Since water is the best friend of your body, you can have as much water as you want to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. For instance, you can go for tea, coffee, and flavored water as long as it contains zero amount of sugar. It’s better if you opt for the coffee rich in fat.

Put together a plan for a delicious, satisfying meal for dinner. It will be easier for you to fast if you know that a delicious meal is waiting for you at the time of dinner. Also, make sure your dinner can provide you with the nutrients you missed during the day. You can do so by adding a variety of sauces, sides, and entrees to your dinner.

As said earlier, fasting is an effective way of losing weight fast when you are on a keto diet; however, fasting is one of the several ways that can help you get rid of love handles.

Just like any diet, exercising on a regular basis can help you enjoy better results over the long haul.


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