Chapter 13: Keto Diet and the types of exercises

Chapter 13: Keto Diet and the types of exercises

So, what types of exercises are good for Keto dieters? Since Keto requires you to keep away from carbohydrates that your body converts into energy during exercise, know that you need to stick to your old exercise plan during the first 4 weeks. You just need to focus on your diet instead.

During the first month, you may experience a bit of decline in your energy levels, but there is nothing to worry about. You will feel normal pretty soon. In fact, you will experience a higher level of stamina and performance.

Types of Exercises For Keto Dieters

Based on the type of exercise you do, your nutritional needs will be different. For instance, a strength training and cardio training will have a different impact on your body.

Actually, your diet plan depends upon your goal. Do you want to develop your lean muscle or simply want to shed some extra pounds? You can choose from 4 types of exercises based on your goal.

Cardio exercise is also known as the aerobic exercise. Cardio involves a movement that lasts more than 3 minutes.

Another type of exercise is called anaerobic exercise that involves short bursts of energy. For instance, you can opt for sprinting, and weight training. As far as anaerobic exercise is concerned, your primary source of energy will be carbs. Since fat alone can’t give you enough energy to do anaerobic exercises, most athletes and bodybuilders choose a cyclic or targeted keto diet instead.

The keto diet has nothing to do with balance and flexibility. So, you can do your yoga exercises without any worries.

Intensity is important

For keto, low-intensity aerobic exercises are good, such as bike riding and walking. All types of aerobic exercises burn fat in your body to generate energy.

On the other hand, the high-intensity exercises use carbs as the main source of energy. This includes swimming and running.

Since fat is burned in the keto diet instead of carbs, it may be hard for you to perform anaerobic exercises during the first month of the diet.

If you do some high-intensity exercises for more than 3 days a week, it’s better if you put together a targeted diet plan when you on a keto diet. Examples of these high-intensity exercises include kickboxing, weightlifting and sprinting.

If you want to do better and recover quickly, you may want to consume 15 to 30 grams of carbs at least half an hour before each workout session. Since you are going to restrict your carb consumption, this small amount of carbs will be burnt quickly so there will be no impact on your ketosis.

No matter what your exercise routine may be, what you need to do is watch out for the types of foods you eat on your keto diet. The next chapter will guide you as to how you can put together a plan for meals that are both delicious and nutritious. You will also read about the foods that you should stay away from.


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