Chapter 7: Learn to figure out Your Net Carbs

Chapter 7: Learn to figure out Your Net Carbs

How Do You Define Net Carbs on the ketogenic diet?

You may see carbohydrate count on the labels of the products you are going to buy at the local store. But actual or net carbohydrates are different from what you see on the label. If you are going to get ready for a low carb diet, make sure you know the difference between the two.

So, how do you figure out the number of net carbs in your diet?

Given below is a simple formula to make the math easier for you:

Carbohydrates in grams – Fiber in grams = Your Net Carbs

Since fiber is on the list of carbs that can’t be digested, it won’t have an impact on your blood sugar levels or insulin response. Moreover, it’s not related to your total carbohydrate intake, which means you are free to add some high-carb foods to your diet, such as almond.

Now, the question is how many carbohydrates are fine if you are on a keto diet?

For most dieters, 50 grams of carbs are sufficient to meet the nutritional needs. Some people opt for 100 grams carbs. This is not a good idea as consuming too many carbs may eliminate the benefits offered by a keto diet.


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