What are keto Macros?

What are keto Macros?

When you follow a ketogenic diet (or any diet for that matter) macronutrients are super important to track. Most people have just done the basic calorie counting methods and have never really paid attention to where those calories come from! Macros are a split between Carbs, protein, and Fats. To follow a ketogenic diet, your macro split should be between 5-10% carbs, 65-70% fats and 20-25% protein depending on activity levels and goals.

For MOST people, to enter Ketosis, carbs will have to be under 20 grams of Net carbs daily.

Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols. The reason you subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from total carbs is that they don’t typically affect your blood sugar which means there is no insulin spike. Google “net carbs” for more info.

With carbs around 20 net grams daily, fat and protein will depend on activity level and body composition. This is where I come in! I will calculate your very own personal macros based on your body’s needs! You’ll need to follow and track these macros on a daily basis. The rule of thumb is to stay within 5 grams +/- of each macronutrient.

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