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Zaytun Vitamins

Zaytun Vitamins Halal Prenatal Vitamins + DHA with Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline, for All Pregnancy Stages, Keto-Friendly, 90 Softgels, Made in USA, Halal Vitamins

Brand: Zaytun Vitamins


  • COMPLETE MULTIVITAMIN AND DHA FOR ALL PREGNANCY STAGES: Zaytun Vitamins Halal Prenatal + DHA Multivitamins potent formula infuses your body with iron, calcium, folic acid, biotin, vitamins, DHA, EPA and other essential nutrients. An instant boost for you and your baby’s health.
  • GREAT FOR THE BABY: Our halal formulated prenatal vitamins + DHA softgels contain folic acid, essential vitamins and calcium for strong bones, teeth, and healthy brain development for the baby. The essential supply of required nutrients ensures that your baby is born healthy and above the healthy threshold.
  • PROPER PRENATAL NUTRIENTS FOR THE MOTHER; Even if you are queasy from morning sickness and your stomach turns at the thought of multivitamins. Our halal soft gel pills are specially designed to be easy to swallow and hold down. They infuse your body with iron and essential vitamins to keep you healthy until and after delivery.
  • NATURAL DHA PLUS NATURAL NUTRIENTS: Every soft gel prenatal supplement capsule is made of naturally sourced nutrients specially manufactured in a Halal Certified GMP facility. The three softgels daily serving contains Calories, vitamins A, C, D-3, E K, Riboflavin Niacin Folate, iron Iodine calcium and potassium, among other essentials.
  • PERFECT MULTIVITAMIN FORMULA FOR MOTHER; A daily serving of 3 multivitamin softgels meets the required quantities for essential nutrients for both mother and baby. The supplement ingredients boost your dietary intake with extra essential nutrients and minerals.

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Details: Zaytun Vitamins Halal Prenatal + DHA Multivitamins contain proper and complete nutrition which is essential during pregnancy, and you need to get all the vitamins and minerals you and your baby need and that is where our Halal Prenatal + DHA multivitamin soft gels come in. They act as a reliable back-up to your diet, making sure you have all essential nutrients and minerals in check. Our specially formulated Halal prenatal vitamins are designed to deliver extra amounts of nutrients needed during various baby development stages like folic acid for brain development and vitamin D, calcium for healthy bones and teeth. The halal potent formula also contains essential nutrients and, minerals like iron to ensure your own body does not get depleted. Our halal prenatal soft gels are easy to swallow and hold down and give you the full recommended amount of DHA and a daily quota of folic acid, iron, biotin, choline, and vitamins. Our prenatal DHA soft gels contain natural essentials and minerals and guarantee a Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, 100% Certified Halal by RACS USA.

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 2.6 x 1.7 inches