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Good Lovin' Foods

The Good Lovin' Keto Bar - Certified Organic - Low Carb, Low Sugar, High Healthy Fats with Plant Based Protein - Delicious Snack - 4 Count (Peanut Butter Brownie)

Brand: Good Lovin' Foods


  • LOW SUGAR & HIGH PROTEIN: Sweetened with Organic Monk Fruit and flavored with Sea Salt, these babies satisfy without sending your blood sugar spiking... with only 1 gram of sugar and 11 grams of plant based protein, you can feel good about enjoying Keto for once!
  • REAL FOOD, PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS: These refrigerated bars are fah-resh (fresh) and homemade from our mama's freakin' good keto recipe. They're made with 10 or less whole food ingredients like nuts, dates and fruit. With an industry-first USDA Certified Organic stamp o' approval, we're dang proud of our bars and the healthy nutrition they provide for folks like you... and us!
  • KETO-RIFFIC: Our keto snack bars offer great macros with low sugar, large amounts of healthy fats from nuts and only 5g net carbs. Some keto bars claim to have little to no sugar, but what nasty ingredient(s) are they sweetening with? If Ketosis is important to you, then we got the Good Lovin' diagnosis!
  • 5 FREAKIN' GOOD FLAVORS: From Chocolate Coconut and a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry to a Mint Chocolate Chip, oh lawdy, we got you covered! These bars are all made with 10 real food ingredients or less and taste so good you won't believe it.
  • EASY TO USE: Our single packaged bars are a freakin' perfect snack. Freeze these bad boys and you're good to go! Keep some at the work fridge (sharpie your name on 'em!), leave at the in-laws in case you need a moment or keep refrigerated in the deluxe custom car fridge you had installed so you can enjoy some Good Lovin' on a road trip out of state or across town. We've got a 4 pack with your name on it... well, actually it has our name on it, but still - everyone deserves some Good Lovin!

Details: Look, you've got a ton of options out there. The truth is, most bars may check all the ketogenic boxes, but fall flat on taste and flavor. That's why we always ask ourselves: "Do I enjoy eating this?" We make sure our plant based bars deliver everything we promise they will and then some. If the answer to the question is not a "Heck yes, I do!", then it doesn't make it out of The Good Lovin' kitchen and into the hands of you & your loved ones. So, yah, you could choke down another healthy diet bar that's been on the grocery shelf for about a year and feel good about "sticking to your diet..." or you can actually enjoy eating keto with a snack bar that's fresh and full of delicious flavor. That's our promise to you, make real food bars that hit the right numbers and nail the taste - I mean, we all deserve some Good Lovin'.