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Spark | Keto Test Strips with Mobile App Reader for Ketosis – Scan & Read Mobile App for Ketone Urine Test. Track Macros, Mood, Weight and More with Spark DietTracker App

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  • CONVENIENT SMARTPHONE MOBILE APP READING – easy-to-use smartphone test system app, Spark DietTracker available in iOS for iPhones, automatically reads the test strip and delivers hassle-free, immediate, and accurate results in your phone screen without having to interpret a complex visual color chart.
  • EASY SCAN AND READ APP, INSTANT RESULTS – Ketone test strips will give you a quick and reliable reading by just a Phone Camera Scan through our App. Each bottle yields up to 100 individual tests
  • RECORD/TRACK YOUR DIET GOALS AND MONITOR YOUR MACROs - The App measures all the key parameters including your Urine Ketone, weight, calories, and even mood! The iPhone App shows daily trends that help to improve consistency in maintaining your Diet goals and weight. It recommends Recipes too!
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Spark Diagnostics Ketosis strips can be used to measure ketones for Keto, Atkins or other Low Carb diet. Our products are FDA registered.

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Details: DietTracker Ux-1K - Ketone Test Strips with Smartphone App - Ketone testing for Low Carb, Atkins or Keto Diet made simple with an App

Only Ketone Strips in the Market with the Smartphone Reader App

DietTracker Smartphone App for Easy Reading of Test Strips and Much More!

- Spark DietTracker, our associated testing app, gives a reading of your Ketone levels for Urinalysis instantly with a camera click! The App features also allow tracking our Macros (Calories, Carb, Fat, Proteins) to help you stay on track of your diet goals! It also recommends recipes!
- No Hassle of Visual interpretation: simply dip the ketone test strips in your clean urine sample, and take a picture with your phone
- Tracks data from prior readings for trends and monitoring the progress. Identifying these trends can help you plan accordingly to improve the consistency of your Diet goals. What more, it tracks your Mood as well!


Just Dip and Scan! It is that easy.
- Includes 100 test strips and is paired with our straightforward diagnostic app (Available only for iPhone)
- Use our simple associated app, Spark DietTracker, to find out more!

Recipes recommended in App

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