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Shiseido The Collagen

Shiseido The Collagen Drink 50ml x 10 Bottles (6 Pack)

Brand: Shiseido The Collagen


  • The Collagen is a unique combination of beauty ingredients not only to replenish collagen but also to produce beauty.
  • Contents: 50 mL x 10
  • Country of origin: Japan

Part Number: 4987415993454

Details: Product introduction Combined with Satsuma Mandarin Extract in addition to the beauty patent ingredient derived from the original super fruit (Cowberry + Amla Fruit), Strawberry Seed Extract. Nurture the roots of beauty, for a lively day. Contains beauty support ingredients such as low molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and vitamin C Precautions for use ◆ Please drink immediately after opening. ◆ Please refer to the ingredients and do not eat if you have food allergies. In addition, depending on your constitution and physical condition, it may not be suitable in rare cases. In that case, please refrain from using it. ◆ Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using if you are treating or pregnant due to illness. ◆ Do not heat or freeze as the container may be damaged. ◆ Be careful not to get injured at the cut or projection of the cap. ◆ Eating habits are based on staple food, main dish and side dish, and balance the meal.

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.2 x 7.5 inches