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ROWDY BAR Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Protein Bar | Collagen & Egg White Protein | Yacon Root | Keto & Paleo Friendly | Gluten Free, Non GMO, Low Glycemic | 12 Bars per Box

Brand: ROWDY


  • LOW SUGAR, LOW CARB, GREAT TASTE: Satisfy your sweet tooth without pushing you out of ketosis. With only 2g of sugar, 5g net carbs, and 10g of prebiotic Yacon Root fiber they’re a delicious treat as a snack between meals, fuel after a workout, or something sweet to get through the day!
  • COLLAGEN AND EGG WHITE PROTEIN: Our unique blend of high quality egg white and grass fed collagen protein delivers 14g of healthy protein your body needs to support muscle, skin, hair, and nail health in addition to being a delicious keto treat!
  • YOUR NEW FAVORITE KETO BAR: Whether you are following a keto diet or eating less sugar, this Chocolaty Cookie Dough bar won’t sacrifice quality or flavor. Rowdy Bar Keto has NO sugar alcohols and NO added sugars unlike many other keto snacks.
  • YACON ROOT PRE BIOTICS: Improve your gut health with the Yacon Root superfood that is full of prebiotics. It also helps lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, boosts liver health, keeps bad cholesterol down, sustains energy, and helps you retain focus.
  • ROWDY SUPER FOODS: We are a company committed to empowering people to better digestive health so they can restore balance and get back to being themselves, so they can get back to being Rowdy.

Details: Rowdy Bars: Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough – 12 bars per boxWho doesn’t love Cookie Dough? This decadent keto bar is the first to offer the benefits of prebiotics in a low carb snack. NO added sugar, sugar alcohols or natural flavors! This superfood Rowdy Bar is, soy-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, low-glycemic and is keto and paleo friendly!Includes: 14g Protein, 10g Fiber, Yacon Root, Soy-free, No Added Sugars, No Sugar, Alcohols, Non-GMO, Low-glycemicIngredients: Almond Butter, Chicory Root Fiber, Unsweetened Chocolate Chips, Soluble Tapioca Fiber, Egg White Protein, Grass Fed Bovine Collagen, Whey Protein Concentrate, Organic Yacon Syrup, Sunflower, Lecithin, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Monk Fruit Extract.Contains: Tree nuts (almonds, coconuts), egg, milk, may contain traces of peanuts, soy, wheat and other tree nuts.At Rowdy Super Foods we believe adventurous people deserve foods that can keep up with them. In our go get’em lives, we work hard to accomplish our goals and have loads of fun along the way. We need foods that have that same attitude. Rowdy Super Foods is dedicated to the health and happy taste buds of all the Rowdy Rousers out there. With a little perseverance and positivity, any goal is achievable. Here's to creating the best prebiotic foods and prebiotic snack bars on the planet!