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Real Ketones

Real Ketones™ Keto Urine Testing Strips - 100 Count Ketone Urinalysis Test Sticks for Measuring Ketosis Levels Quickly and Accurately

Brand: Real Ketones


  • MEASURE KETONE LEVELS: It's critical to measure your ketone levels to ensure that you have successfully transitioned into ketosis, our Real Ketones pee test stixs ar the best and are easier to use than blood glucose monitors or breath analyzers.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply urinate directly on the test strip, let sit for 40 - 60 seconds and check your results. You can also pee in a cup and dip strip to saturate for testing.
  • ACCURATE RESULTS: Results you can trust to keep you aware of your ketone levels and keep yourself in ketosis with ease.
  • 100 COUNT - 100 test strips included with your purchase, these ph strip paper works perfect for men and women!
  • KETO CONFIDENCE - Be sure that your body has successfully transitioned into ketosis, great if you are diabetic looking to naturally manage blood sugar with a ketogenic, low carb, atkins, or paleo diet.

Details: Real Ketones Urinalysis Dip Test Stixs make it simple, convenient and cost effective to keep track of your ketone levels throughout the day. This product includes 100 single use test strips that can easily be carried or packed with you at all times.

EAN: 0850001988780

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 1.9 x 1.7 inches