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Vegan Pure

New! No Sugar Keto Bars – Vegan Keto Food Bars, Low Carb/Low Glycemic, 0 grams of Sugar, All Natural, 9g of Plant Based Protein, 12g of Fats per Bar, Only 3g Net Carbs, #LCHF

Brand: Vegan Pure


  • KETO FRIENDLY MACROS! Snacking on keto just got easier. With just the right macros for a ketogenic diet or low-carb lifestyle, Vegan Pure No Sugar bars will satisfy your sweet tooth while killing carb cravings. 3g Net Carbs - 0g of Sugar
  • Each bar contains 13 grams of good fats from coconut oil, cocoa butter, and nut butter and is coated with our own all natural specially made sugar free dark keto chocolate recipe that is deliciously creamy and chocolatey. The result is a truly delicious guilt free treat!
  • Formulated to help your body enter Ketosis by providing 75% of its calories from good fat, 20% from protein and very low net carbs (3g net carbs per bar). The result is a delicious chocolatey bar that supports a Low Carb High Fat #LCHF ketogenic lifestyle.
  • NOTE: This keto bar is high in fat and although shelf stable at room temperature, it can be sensitive to temperatures above 75 degrees. Should melting or texture change occur, place in a cool place (or refrigerate) to allow the bar to return to solid form.

Details: Introducing the bar that you’ve been dreaming about – The No Sugar Keto Bar that tastes great! – Each bar contains 0 grams of sugar, only 3 net carbs, is all natural and 100% totally delicious! Made with healthy fats such as coconut oil, cocoa and nut butter each bite will send your taste buds on a deliciously creamy adventure. Who knew you could have a nutritious bar that tastes great without loads of sugar? We did! #LCHF

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 5.9 x 2.8 inches