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310 Nutrition

Ketone Testing Strips by 310 Nutrition (100 Strips) - Test Ketosis Levels During Low Carb Keto Diet - Accurate Urine Test for Ketogenic Measurement

Brand: 310 Nutrition


  • CONVENIENT KETO TESTING – If you’re on the ketogenic diet, you no longer have to worry or wonder if you’re actually in ketosis… You can conveniently and effectively measure your ketone levels in seconds with these easy-to-use urine test strips! New Look, Same Amazing Products Inside! *Note that we will still be shipping out our previously-branded packaging until we have fully transitioned!* 
  • QUICK & RELIABLE – Just dip the testing stick into urine and wait 40 seconds – then use the color-coded indicator on the side of the box to determine your level of ketones, and whether or not you’re in ketosis. It’s that simple!
  • RESULTS IN SECONDS – Plus, it’s not enough to just know you’re in ketosis, but with the tracker on the box, you can check that your ketone measurement is exactly where it needs to be for optimal results – not too far out of or into ketosis.
  • GREAT FOR ON-THE-GO – You can also test your ketone levels anytime, anywhere… Just take the bottle full of testing strips with you, so you can easily pull one out whenever needed. This will help you monitor your ketone levels throughout the day for the best success on keto.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – This high-quality testing kit is perfect for men or women, and includes 100 professional grade testing strips that you can depend on to deliver accurate results.

Details: Make the ketogenic diet work for you and your lifestyle with these ultra-convenient, quick, easy, and efficient keto testing strips. Each container includes 100 tester strips, and is easy to take with you on-the-go – for effective measuring of ketone levels, anywhere and anytime. HOW TO USE: Unlike with other forms of keto testing, you don’t have to prick your finger to take blood for these! Instead, the testing strips measure the level of ketones in your urine in literal seconds. After dipping the stick into urine and allowing it to set for 40 seconds, it will turn a certain color. Then, use the color stripes on the side of the box to determine your unique level of ketones, to find out where you stand – either in the optimal state of ketosis, too far into ketosis, or not in ketosis at all. Monitoring your ketone levels using this kit helps ensure you stay in the preferred state of ketosis, where your body is able to burn the most fat, and you’ll likely see the best results from following keto. Get your 310 Keto Testing Strips today!

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Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 1.9 x 1.6 inches