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Keto Collagen Protein with MCT Oil Powder from Organic Coconut (Chocolate) 11.5oz. Perfect for Keto Creamer, Snacks. Great for Low Carb Diet Meal Shake Replacement



  • KETOSIS FOR CHANGE IN ENERGY UTILIZATION: When deprived of carbohydrate, ketones are produced from fats to provide energy, depleting the body’s fat stores. Nutritional ketosis mimics this natural physiology by directing energy utilization from fat. Keto Collagen diet also suppresses appetite and reduces food Intake. The collagen supports lean muscle mass.
  • FINEST OF INGREDIENTS, 100% NATURAL, FREE OF ADDITIVES: TET METABOLIC’S Keto Collagen provides 5g organic coconut MCT oil powder and 10g collagen from domestic grass-fed cows, with no carbohydrate component. It is an all-natural product and does not contain Preservatives, Performance Enhancers, Artificial flavors, GMOs and Gluten.
  • TET METABOLIC’S KETO COLLAGEN AS A FUNCTIONAL FOOD: Ketogenic diet complemented with collagen presents a paleo experience and promotes health benefits such as antioxidants to suppress oxidative stress. Oxidative stress facilitates most chronic conditions. It’s also DELIGHTFUL TO TASTE
  • ALSO SUPPORTS: cartilages, tendons, ligaments, Joints, Skin, Bones, Nails, Hair.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Keto Collagen Diet is a functional food in the sense that it has the potential to offer health benefits beyond the traditional concept of food; nutrition and energy. Ketones are derived from fats. The ketones in TET METABOLIC's Keto Collagen Formula are derived from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), from coconut. During long periods of fasting and intense exercise, when there is insufficient glucose to provide the energy substrate for the cells, ketones are produced from fats, by the liver (ketogenesis), increasing the blood ketone levels (ketonemia) to support the energy needs of the body. Thus, essentially during this state of ketosis body fat is "burned". Such knowledge about the shuffling of energy substrates and utilization during these periods of higher energy need is what serves as the model of nutritional ketosis. During the dietary intake of ketones and little or no carbohydrate, nutritional ketosis is generated which changes the metabolic profile of the normal body. With Keto collagen diet, there is decreased storage of fat, enhanced fat oxidation (burning) while the feeling of hunger is suppressed (satiety). The collagen in TET METABOLIC's Keto Collagen Formula is sourced from domestic grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, comprising of ~ 30% of the entire protein content of the body. There are different types of collagen performing different functions in the body, including helping to maintain tissue's integrity. It is found in a host of tissues, including the bone, joints, skin and blood vessels. The collagen in our Keto Collagen Formula helps to maintain muscle mass during the Keto-based weight loss. It also supports bone and joint health. Additionally, the collagen improves skin elasticity and supports the reduction of skin cellulite during long-term use (>6months).

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Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches