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Hilo Life

Hilo Life, Low Carb Keto Friendly Tortilla Chip Snack Bags Nacho Cheese Ranch Spicy Salsa, Variety Pack, 12 Count

Brand: Hilo Life


  • 3g Net Carbs, 9g of Protein, 0g of Added Sugar
  • Made with Almond Flour
  • Includes 12 individual 1 oz. pouches – 4 pouches of Nacho Cheese, 4 pouches of Ranch & 4 pouches of Spicy Salsa

Binding: Grocery

Release Date: 15-03-2021

Details: So you wanna keep your carbs in check but can’t shake those cravings for cheese dust and all its savory goodness? Miss a satisfying crunch or the feeling of tearing into a bag? Yeah, that’s what we call noshtalgia. Noshtalgia isn’t about missing the past—it’s about missing the pasta; the cereal, the chips. It’s about missing the little things, from the crinkle of opening a bag to licking the flavoring off your fingers - everyone has their weaknesses. The struggle is real, but so is the solution. Hilo Life makes tasty snacks so you can do keto your way. We keep it fun with all the bold flavors, spice, crunches, and cheesiness your heart desires - all in a grab-n-go pack with 3g net carbs or less plus satisfying protein featuring almond flour. We’ve done the work, so you can stay on track. 3g Net Carbs = 5g Total Carbs – 2g Fiber See website for more information about keto.

Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 8.9 x 8.4 inches