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Complete 10-in-1 Urine Test Strips 100ct | Urinalysis Dip-Stick Testing Kit | Ketone, pH, Blood, UTI, Protein | Keto & Alkaline Diet, Ketosis, Kidney Infection & Liver Function | Free e-Book Included

Brand: life2O

Color: Hand Grip 901


  • 💜 [10 PARAMETERS URS-10] Urine Level Analyzer for Chemical Markers: Ketone, pH, Blood, Leukocytes & Nitrite (Urinary Tract Infection), Protein, Urobilinogen, Specific Gravity (Hydration), Bilirubin & Glucose
  • 💜 [OTC REAGENT STRIPS] CE & Doctor Approved 99% High Accuracy Color Pads on Cyanide Free, Non-Toxic Paper. Monitor Your Health at Home. More Reliable than Litmus or Breath Type Test.
  • 💜 [FREE E-BOOK] Get Our Urinalysis Guide & Expected Results Automatically Emailed With Your Purchase.
  • 💜 [WEIGHT-LOSS] Fasting, Atkins, Low-Carb, Paleo & Ketogenic Diets: Know Your Nutritional Ketosis.
  • 💜 [RAPID RESPONSE] Check for Health Problems with Urine Analysis (UA): Kidney, Liver & Gallbladder Disease, Saliva Acidity, Blood in Urine, Metabolism & More! Simple Instructions & Visual Results in Seconds!

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: life2O Urinalysis Test Strips can be used to detect disease before it spreads: check-up at home for less than 15 cents! Parameters Measured: Ketone – Indicator of Ketosis & Ketoacidosis (DKA) pH – Acidic / alkaline urine, proneness to Yeast Infection: Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Blood – Indicator of Kidney Stones & UTI Protein – Indicator of kidney issues Leukocytes – Indicator of bacteria & Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Nitrite – Indicator of UTI Urobilinogen – Indicator of liver issues Specific Gravity (SG) – Hydration, Glomerular Filtration Efficiency Rate (GFR) Bilirubin – Indicator of liver & gallbladder issues Benefits of Testing 💜 Peace of mind that you are safe & healthy 💜 More frequent check-ups 💜 Fight disease before it spreads 💜 Easier to lose weight 💜 Get Your Mojo Back! Live a better, healthier & longer life! Our Advantages: 💜 Free e-Book Automatically Emailed with Purchase :: Urinalysis Guide & Expected Results 💜 CE & Doctor Approved 💜 High accuracy strips - Does not get affected by urine temperature 💜 Long shelf life: 2 years unopened, 90 days opened 💜 Dark, sealed anti-moisture bottle 💜 Leaflet with large color chart Directions: Test Intended for Human In-Vitro Use 1. Immerse the strip into urine (pee) sample for 1-2 seconds 2. Hold strip horizontally so color pads do not bleed onto each other 3. Match color on strip with color on bottle label (read the color at the listed time for most accurate results) IMPORTANT: If necessary, please record your results & consult with a healthcare professional.

EAN: 8698734696013

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 2.2 x 2.1 inches