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BeyondChipz Keto Tortilla Chips | Low Carb Protein Chips | 2g Net Carbs & 13g Pea Protein | Healthy All Natural Snack | Gluten Free | Grain Free - Salty Good Flavor, Single 5.3oz Bag

Brand: BeyondChipz


  • The Perfect Keto Snack! - With only 2g net Carbs and 13g of Plant-based Protein (we use pea protein) per serving, BeyondChipz tortilla chips are perfect for gluten free snacks, high protein snacks, vegan snacks, or healthy snacks for adults and kids!
  • Crunch, Crunch, Crunch! - BeyondChipz deliver a super satisfying and salty crunch every time! Our Chipz have all of the crunch and texture you want from a tortilla chip.
  • None of the bad stuff! - Gluten Free, Grain Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Rice Free, Peanut Free and Potato Free!
  • 5 Servings Per Bag! - Each bag contains 5 servings of about 13 chips per serving. Plus - we use the best food storage pouch you can find with a Resealable top for maximum chip Freshness. You get a premium product in a premium pouch without the premium price.
  • 100% Taste Satisfaction - We proudly stand behind our products. If you don't love your BeyondChipz, let us know and we will refund your order up to 4 bags of BeyondChipz.
  • Our keto chips are the ultimate keto friendly food. If you are looking for low carb snacks for weight loss, diabetic snacks, paleo snacks, or just looking for an easy way to add some extra protein to your snacking, look no further!
  • Versatility! BeyondChipz will be your new favorite gluten free crackers, vegan chips, plant based snacks, diet snacks, or go-to for a quick healthy snack!
  • Will Not Break! - Beyondchipz are thick enough to handle the chunkiest of salsa or guacamole. BeyondChipz are also perfect for making your own keto nachos!
  • Salty Good - Treats you to the healthy minerals locked away in the magical Himalayan mountains.  Just the right amount brings out the flavor. It’s Salt Good, Man.

Details: SALTY GOOD BeyondChipz Salty Good treats you to the healthy minerals locked away in the magical Himalayan mountains. Just the right amount brings out the flavor of our oven roasted secret seed mix creating a distinctive nutty flavor. Enjoy a satisfying serving of Salty Good Torpillas and you’ll be like...It’s Salt Good, Man. GOODBYE, CARBS! BeyondChipz creates healthy chip alternatives for people who expect more from snacking and EVERYONE LOVES SNACKS. Every bite is an opportunity to do something good for your body and plant-based protein is the way to do it. Torpillas are packed with 13g of PROTEIN with only 2g NET CARBS, so you get the most out of every bite. WHAT’S A TORPEAYAH? A TOR-PEA-YA is a tortilla chip made from pea flour. The pea flour makes it possible for this tortila chip to be high protein, low carb, and gluten free. No artificial ingredients, no corn, no soy, no rice, no peanuts, no wheat, no potato, no gluten. Just plant based protein! FEEDING BODIES NOURISHING SOULS BeyondChipz supports SAAK - Save All African Kids, an organization devoted to employing women and giving to orphaned children in West Africa. BeyondChipz proudly imports cassava flour exclusively from SAAK for our chips. When you snack on Torpillas, you are helping more than yourself because #everybitematters FREAKISHLY ADDICTING WARNING: Please be advised, our flavors may cause euphoria. Addiction is possible. Our taste makers went beyond the limits of your favorite flavors. The chedda’ is bedda’, the onion screams and Bada BBQ makes you feel like the head of the family. It’s love at first bite. Get ready to have your… MIND. BLOWN.

EAN: 0860000561112

Package Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches