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Aller Keto Urine Strips The Painless, Most Accurate Affordable Way to Measure Ketones - More Accurate Than Breathalyzers, Ketone Blood Strip Tests

Brand: AllerKeto


  • Perfect for measuring state of ketosis in the ketogenic diet using a simple ketone strip. This ketones test is easier to use than other keto kits like a keto blood meter or breath analyzer ketone monitor.
  • 100 strips per bottle with accurate results and measurement of ketone levels without the mess of having to use a keto blood testing kit.
  • Lab grade developed highest quality keto strips. Convienent and easy to use for on-the-go ketosis testing.
  • Not just for the keto diet. These ketosis strips can also be used to measure ketones for those on the Atkins diet or Low Carb diet. Takes only 40 seconds to measure your ketosis levels.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Aller Keto strips are the highest -quality & the easiest solution for staying on top of your body ketone levels. We use professional grade test pads to give you the only ketone test that you can rely on,every single time you use it. The test strip are made for both qualitative and semi-quantitative urinalysis test results.The results can be read visually and instrumentally. Aller Keto Test strips test the levels of ketones in your urine, which roughly indicate the ketones in your urine to help you determine your level of Ketosis. Aller Keto Test strips are easy to use. Simply: Hold strip in stream or immerse in urine for 1-2 seconds. Gently shake or wipe off excess urine. After 40 seconds, compare test strip with the color chart on the label.

EAN: 0794461951529

Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches