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Vitamin Energy

(48 Pack) VitaminEnergy™ Mood+ Keto Energy Shots, , Lasts up to 7+ Hours Grapelicious Grape Flavored Energy Drink with Vitamin Supplements, Anxiety Relief, Mood-Boosting Keto, Each 1.93 fl oz.

Brand: Vitamin Energy


  • POWERFUL MOOD BOOST: Our premium, exclusively designed VitaminEnergy Mood+ Energy Shot with mood boosting vitamin supplements is formulated with 5-HTP that help elevate mood by increasing serotonin levels in the brain and health and also Achieve Clarity & Balance. The VitaminEnergy Mood+ Formula is packed with vitamins that are known to help support anxiety relief and a positive mood boost.
  • MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE LEVELS: VitaminEnergy Mood+ energy drink mix takes your concentration and focus and provides an energy boost to keep you mentally strong. Help to protect and revitalize your body at the cellular level by providing energy and Enhance Mood. Reward yourself with our advanced liquid energy shots. Rhodiola Rosea helps support the reduction of stress and helps improve mental fitness & resilience while passion fruit is known for its anti-anxiety properties.
  • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Super-Enhance Your Cognition, Sharpen Focus and Boost Metabolism that supports your natural energy and metabolism levels while supplementing your immune system health to help give you more focus, clarity, and mental wellbeing. Enjoy energy vitamins that help support mental clarity with an energy boost. 5-HTP helps supports serotonin production and helps promote an enhanced positive mood.
  • REACH YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL: We carefully select the most potent energy and energy enhancing products and keto supplement to help boost cognitive function and dramatically improve potential ability. A super blend of keto vitamin and nutrients combine to deliver real results that work for men and women with seeking to boost their energy levels and maximize their days. Powerful energy booster with no sugar crash, ultra-low calories, and zero carbs.
  • With every carton purchased, we’re helping provide a dose of life-changing vitamin A to a child at risk for malnutrition, through our partnership with Vitamin Angels.

Details: Vitamin Energy Mood+ Shots (48-Pack) | Energy lasts up to 7+ HOURS* | Keto | Tastes Great | 0 Carbs 0 Sugar

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches