Chapter 3: Which Keto Diet is Best For You?

Chapter 3: Which Keto Diet is Best For You?

With all these diets out there how do you know which one is best for you? What will help you achieve your short and long-term goals? What foods can I eat? These are just a few of the lingering questions that most have when searching for the best diet their lifestyle can afford. Let's explore some of the diets out there to see which ones may be the most suited.


  1. Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD)

If you are like most people, the standard ketogenic diet will be best for you. The most important requirement of this diet is to consume the least amount of carbohydrates possible. Besides, you can have a moderate amount of protein and as much fat as you want. As for the healthy fats, we will talk about them later.


  1. Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)

The targeted Keto diet requires you to consume carbohydrates at least half an hour before you do a rigorous exercise. If you have a health issue, you may go on the TKD diet as it involves a moderate level of strength training.

If you exercise on a daily basis, doesn’t mean cyclic or targeted diet is good for you. Actually, it all boils down to the intensity of exercise and your personal preference. In TKD, you only eat carbohydrates that are easy to digest, such as cereal, vegetables, white bread, and fruits.

After exercise, you should have meals that are rich in protein instead of fat. This will help your body absorb the nutrients.


  1. Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CKD)

This type of diet is a good choice for athletes and bodybuilders. The goal of this diet is to help you lose weight as possible while building lean mass at the same time. Since the diet requires you to develop muscle mass and go out of ketosis quite often, it may not be suitable for you.


  1. Dairy-Free

Since keto diet involves eating a good deal of dairy, eggs, and meats, the diet may not be a good choice for those who are intolerant to dairy products. As an alternative, you may leave out dairy from your menu to boost the process of weight loss. Given below are some alternatives to dairy:

  • You may be intolerant to milk. So, you can opt for chew milk, soymilk, almond milk or coconut milk instead.
  • As an alternative to cheese, non-dairy cheese can be a good option.
  • Coconut cream or avocado oil can be had instead of heavy cream

You can have dairy products as long as you are not lactose intolerant. While dairy involves protein and milk sugar, it is also a great source of healthy fat, calcium, and vitamins.

 If you can’t have dairy for some reason, you may use an app to figure out the number of nutrients your body needs from the substitutes.

If you are finding it hard to opt for the best keto diet for you, we suggest that you go for the standard keto diet. By following the diet plan properly, your body will soon accept the diet.

Here it’s important to keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you. Therefore, you may want to make necessary changes to your diet based on how your body reacts to the changes. If you have questions, you should talk to a healthcare provider.


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