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Top Keto Recipes You Have to Try

March 11, 2018 4 min read

Top Keto Recipes You Have to Try


Diets can be tricky not to mention really challenging. You have to take care of so many things. What to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and what not. You have to buy certain ingredients while avoiding others.

One of those diets that everyone seems to be talking about lately is the ketogenic diet. If you do a little bit of research, you will find that this is one of the simplest, most effective and straightforward diets, but not necessarily easy. 

In a nutshell, everything you eat while on a keto diet is low in carb and high in fat. That means you can no longer eat stuff like breads and pastas. Instead you switch to oils and cheeses.

You basically put a limit on processed grains and sugar so it helps in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. The fact that keto is rich in fat doesn’t give you the liberty to you eat anything your heart desires such as ice cream, etc. You have to be very selective to eat heart healthy fats like fish, oils, nuts, etc.

With that in mind, we have put together some of the best keto diet recipes you can make and try at home for a delicious meal.

Here they are –


1. Avocado Devilled Eggs

Most people when on a keto diet tend to get into a cycle where they end-up eating lots of cheese and dairy products such as mayonnaise and sour cream in order to fulfil the daily dose of fat. Avocados are rich in fat so ‘Avocado devilled eggs’ is a good recipe that should give you all the required nutrients without you having to include any dairy products so that kind of breaks the pattern where you are only eating dairy products.


2. Chocolate Bombs

The best about thing about keto diet is that when you feel like you haven’t had a fair share of fat during the day, you can eat fat bombs to compensate for that deficit. Not only are these bombs delicious but healthy too. All you need is cream cheese, a little bit of sweetener, butter, cocoa powder, and you’re good to go. 


keto bread


3.  Keto Breads

Most people don’t associate keto diet recipes with breads. For them it’s mostly about dairy products, lot of fat, cheeses, and what not! Since this diet is low on carb, you won’t think about consuming a lot of bread. However, you can if you switch store-bought breads with a keto bread that is homemade. To make a keto bread you need cream of tartar, eggs, almond flour, baking soda, butter, apple cider vinegar, and just follow the regular bread-making process.


4. Cinnamon Butter Bombs

If you want to include some really quality fat in your diet, then you should definitely opt for grass-fed butter. This butter has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It’s excellent for your heart’s health. It’s also rich in MCTs and aids immunity system. But, if you are looking for a way where you don’t have to eat a butter stick solo, then you can go for cinnamon bombs. All you need is vanilla extra, sweetener, cinnamon, and grass-fed butter and let it all cool down. This little treat will be a slice of heaven and a great source of the good fat. It should taste a little like frosting.


keto meals to try


5. Cauliflower and Keto Gravy

If you want to take a break from the same old mundane routine and try out something new for a change, something delectable and totally comfort food – then you don’t need to look any further than potato and gravy – the king of comfort food. Keto diet also has its own version of this food. This little recipe is made with cauliflower which happens to be low in carb compared to potatoes which are rich in it. Additionally, you need cream, butter, parmesan, and rosemary. This is an extremely delectable, creamy, flavourful and smooth recipe which will go nicely on a roast.


6. Simple Paleo Chicken Curry

You don’t necessarily have to be on keto or paleo diet in order to enjoy this delicious little recipe. Paleo chicken curry is something you can try out any day because of it being dairy-free and gluten-free. It’s also made of the freshest ingredients. Therefore, you could be on paleo diet or keto diet or may be both; you can still prepare it any day. It’s also incredibly simple to make.


artichoke chicken


7. Artichoke Chicken and Keto Spinach

Do you want to experience a burst of flavours? If yes, then this juicy chicken is for you. With all the right juicy flavours swirling in your mouth, you will definitely enjoy this recipe. You just need to mix garlic, cream cheese, artichokes, spinach, mayo, and mix it all into forming a creamy paste. Now put this paste over the chicken. Within 40 minutes, you will get a heavenly goodness.


8. Keto Buns

It’s not uncommon to crave for something good when you’re on a diet. Whenever you find yourself missing sandwich buns or traditional burgers, these keto-buns should be your go-to eatable. You can prepare the dough in a blender within seconds. You can prepare them into fluffy buns in an oven and then top them off with different cheeses and meats.


9. Keto Muffins

Although this little recipe will demand more preparation, the hard work will be all worth it. These muffins are a great way to kick-start your day. They are made with butter, cream cheese, coconut flour, and blueberries. Keto Muffins are light, fluffy, and amazingly delicious. They are also gluten-free which is an added bonus. Don’t be surprised if they soon become your favorite.


Keto meals to try


10. Salmon Breakfast

Think of it as a fresh take on the good ol eggs Benedict. They are loaded with chives, hollandaise sauce, and smoked salmon. They are a particularly great recipe to have on a Sunday. Or, if you have to have a hearty, indulgent meal of any day, they are still a great option.


Which keto diet recipes are your favourite? Out of these, which ones sounded like your favourite? Do tell!

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