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The 17-Day Diet

October 23, 2017 2 min read

The 17-Day Diet


As the name suggests, a 17 day diet plan is about losing your weight in a period of seventeen days.

But here is the catch- It is a series of seventeen day dietary program and not crash dieting course of seventeen days.

With a focus on eating low carbs, your body may develop a boosted metabolism, by adjusting your food components in a recommended proportion.

When planning this diet, you eat low processed foods, low carbs and low sugar food accompanied with a fasting day.

The whole purpose as advocated by Dr. Mike Moreno (who propounded this diet theory) is to rev-up your fat burning metabolism, lose extra pounds, and become healthy naturally.

Contrary to keto meals, a 17 day diet is followed as a series of diet plans that is adjusted and changed accordingly. In this diet, you mostly eat vegetables, low sugar fruits, probiotics, and friendly fats that accelerate your health and your body grows in a more natural manner.

You adjust your keto mealsaccording to the pace and goal of losing weight. You cut on processed or refined foods altogether. At times you follow a low-carb diet and then you can go for high carbs, for a while.

chicken for the keto diet

It includes 4 cycles of dieting-

1-Accelerate: To burn your fats drastically, you reduce your carbohydrate intake and focus on improving your digestion. Your calorie intake doesn’t exceed 1200/day. This helps promote weight loss from the start (around 5-10 pounds respectively)

2-Activate: In this phase you add natural starch intake and juggle with the first phase’s calorie count. By doing so, you reset your metabolism and prevent your body from plateauing and burn unwanted fats simultaneously.

3- Achieve: To help you stick to healthy habits, you get to eat some previously restricted foods in your diet plan. You get the liberty of eating but with control. On top of that, healthy food habits make sure you don’t start gaining fat again.

4- Arrive:Enjoying your favorites (in moderation) on the weekends and sticking to healthy food during weekdays, this sets-up a balance. Your long term weight loss goals get a good beginning thus.

 keto meals

It is flexible (with almost anything)

You can choose your own set of keto mealsaccording to the kind of body structure you have, allergies you get from, and on your food preferences (vegan or non vegan).

It gives numerous options on which food to choose from according to your taste and preferences. Also, it accommodates all kind of food combinations to help you with shedding those extra pounds.

To make things easier, it allows you to adjust perfectly with your food habits and promotes good eating.



It is a great way to get rid of unwanted fats and getting in shape. But it comes with its own set of rules which must be followed religiously.

It helps you gain health naturally and here is the best part about it- you can stop it anytime you want!

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