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Ketogenic Diet & HCG Diet

October 23, 2017 2 min read

Ketogenic Diet & HCG Diet


A ketogenic dietmakes your body lose weight eventually by extracting energy from fats instead of other nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates).

A HCG diet is not proposed for the same reason- you don’t lose weight for the sake of it, but how it works for your body is what it does.

How you lose weight is a key factor that determines the way it will work for you.

It is a diet planwhich focuses on ‘how you may lose weight’ which is determined by your BMR and a host of other factors (medical history, metabolism etc).

It is not a plain weight loss technique or a miracle tool.

But does it actually work?

Let’s unravel some important key factors.

Ketogenic Diet

HCG diet

The science behind it involves quality food nutrition, carefully planned diet and a prescribed amount of HCG.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a pro hormone produced by humans (especially during pregnancy in females). It is incorporated by the use of injections, to include in your diet.

This hormone acts as the catalyst for many other hormones in the body.

Modern day HCG dietary plan includes going for a low calorie intake and an expanded food item, which together with HCG doses works for your body’s health.

 Ketogenic Diet Plan

The count of calories

It is no secret that calories make all the difference in any diet plan.

Earlier, in HCG meal planning, your calorie intake didn’t exceed 500 (according to Dr. Simeons, who propounded this diet).

But this theory has been discarded and based on research and clinical trials, the calorie count has increased (upto 1500/day).

Also, the diet now includes healthy habits, exercise and a balanced meal planning.

Based on your BMI or your body type, you are prescribed a diet, that focuses on controlled portions of food.

The motive is to have a healthy body without cutting on muscle growth and being all inclusive of fats, proteins, carbs, exercise and essential nutrients.


Is it a controversial diet?

For many years it was. The one-box-fits-all diet recommendation in the past was mainly responsible for it.

Not taking into consideration how does a reduced calorie intake can adversely affect someone, it was labeled fraudulent, controversial and dangerous.

Today, this diet is about incorporating the right amount of HCG doses (to raise the blood level mainly), protecting muscles from hindered growth, and recommended on the basis of gender and age.


HCG diet phases

It is divided into three phases depending on how it works for your body-

1- Initial phase:Having fat rich food and high calorie food as prescribed for the number of days along with HCG injection doses for some days.

2- Weight losing phase: Continuing it for 3-6 weeks with a set of exercises to follow with it.

3- Maintenance phase: Avoiding sugar and starch for up to 3 weeks. And yes, stopping on HCG doses too!  


It is a noteworthy fact that this diet is more about how it can work for your weight loss goals, but is not inherently a weight loss process like a ketogenic diet.


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