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Slim-Down Plan of Tracy Anderson for Every Individual

January 17, 2018 4 min read

Slim-Down Plan of Tracy Anderson for Every Individual

Tracy Anderson is a fitness author and entrepreneur, known for her Tracy Andersonweight-loss method and for having several celebrity clients. Her weight loss method uses strategic muscle targeting that other weight loss plan neglect. This weight loss plan focuses on small accessory muscles rather than focusing on bigger muscle groups. It will surely help you to tone your body.


Slim-Down Plan of Tracy Anderson for Every Individual


Here are recommendations for your body type from Tracy:

1. Abcentric Body Type

As per Tracy, if you have an abcentric body, it means you have thicker arms and you carry excess weight in your stomach. Your legs are the slimmest part of the body and have more appetite.

What to Eat: Eat fruits without removing skin

Abcentric body types have sugar habits and eating sweet fruits can curb your sugar cravings. Try 1 kiwi or 4 dates a day with the skin.

How to Move: 10 minutes of standing Ab exercises

Start your day with a core workout if you feel sluggish. You can try standing abs exercise of Tracy. Check out how to follow this exercise.

2. Glutecentric Body Type

If your body type is glute-centric, your butt droops and goes into your thighs. It means you have no panty line or you can also have back fat.

What to Eat: Anti-inflammatory spices

Add one tablespoon of spices to your food that decrease inflammation, aid in vitality, and regulate blood sugar, including cinnamon and turmeric.

How to Move: Standing leg-lifts exercise

Perform exercises that lift the glute rather than building it. Try out 30 leg lifts with at least 1.5-3 pound ankle weights each day. It is a great way that helps your body in learning to count on during the workout.

3. Hipcentric Body Type

If your muscle tone is poor and tiny waist then you have a hipcentric body type. Your body blossoms our at the thighs and hips, giving you thick ankles, knees, and wrists.

What to Eat: Lycopene-rich foods

Foods that are high in lycopene help you in enhancing circulation. Add fruits such tomatoes, watermelon, asparagus, as grapefruit into your diet plan as they are full of this antioxidant.

How to Move: Dance for 10 minutes

Dance is one of the easiest exercises that joins all of your muscles at once. Take out at least 10 minutes from your daily schedule to dance. Swimming is also a great option for those who love to swim.

4. Omnicentric Body Type

You can gain weight even if your body type is omnicentric. It means you can be heavy in your stomach, butt, thighs, and arms.


Slim-Down Plan of Tracy Anderson for Every Individual


What to Eat: Foods rich in tyrosine protein

Tyrosine is a building block for dopamine and adrenaline. It is known as the feel-good chemical of your brain. It also improves the fat-burning properties of your body. Try eggs, turkey, and even seaweed.

How to Move: If your body cannot handle a longer exercise routine then try out smaller exercises. It is one of the best ways to build up endurance and strength. Change your workout plan, for example, you can do 5-minute arms exercise each morning or you can perform 5-minute standing abs exercise before going to bed. If you want to move every part of your body together then swimming is the best option.

Eating schedule
Your eating schedule is not only about what you consume but also about when you consume. If you really want to lower your weight then follow Tracy diet plan. Tracy suggests to intake all real and fresh foods in two alternating parts that are:

Nutrient boost week
Body reset week

The diet plan is prepared so that you can reduce at least 3 pounds while nutrient boost week and manage your body weight on body reset week.

Nutrient boost week

During this week, you will have to eat at least 6 small nutrient and easily digestible foods such as soups, ground meats, smoothies, and purees. These meals are intended to boost nutrient level in your body to clear your system and reduce weight quickly.

You can select soft meals that you already have in your stock or kitchen. Make sure you’re utilizing whole vegetables and fruits and converting them into purees and soups for easy digestion. Never focus on your calorie consumption. Just focus on consuming nutrient-rich meals that can help you in reducing weight fast and clean your system.

Body reset week

During this week, you will have to consume three big protein-rich meals. Following these diets in alternative helps you in maintaining your weight loss from nutrient boost week and also ensures that your body is not getting used to anything specific. Here are some sample foods for body reset week:

Grilled shrimp with sweet potato, broccoli, salad and
Turkey Bacon with blueberries, omelets, and green apple
Grilled chicken with avocado slices, steamed artichoke, and Ezekiel bread


Slim-Down Plan of Tracy Anderson for Every Individual


Other Recommended Guidelines

Try to intake all or as much organic as you can
Drink a lot of water
You may include one Nuun tablet to your water while exercising for a boost
Do not consume eggs twice a day
Opt for fresh-brewed and zero-calorie tea, can be caffeinated or can have flavor, but no additives
You may add one to two glasses of wine each day. Having a glass of wine before you go into a hungry time is the best idea. For those who tend to crave sugar or carbs, go for a cold and crispy white. An organic wine is also a good idea. An organic red wine has more advantages than white. But if you want to lose weight, the white one is the better option for curbing carvings.

Tracy Anderson also suggests to give one day off to yourself every week from these plans. This is the perfect method, if you want to get leaner, tone, and sculpt. You must combine Tracy Anderson weight loss method with a healthy eating diet plan and cardio, just sit behind, and watch out the magic.

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