Keto Diet Introduction

Keto Diet Introduction
Lately, the buzz about Ketonic diet has been flooding the internet with numerous blogs and articles being written about it.

A ketodiet is not something new or foreign. It is just rearranging the nutrients and the way we consume them.


What makes this diet so special?

Our body gets everyday energy from three main macronutrients- carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

A keto diet consists of fats in more amount than other macronutrients comparatively. A typical ketonic diet is about including more of fats and less of carbohydrates/proteins.

All inclusive meals make your body extract glucose from fats, that is broken down through a process called ketosis.

This helps our body in a number of ways and proves beneficial when we want to go for a diet change.


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How does it benefit in physical ailments?

Apart from helping in neurological problems and epilepsy (the research is still going on), there are a host of other diseases and problems that a ketonic diet plan can help control.


  • Common health problems- A balanced ketonic diet helps in improving good cholesterol of the body. It helps decreasing triglyceride levels in the body, to bring metabolic syndrome under control. It also helps decrease weight with enhanced muscle mass.


  • Polycystic ovary syndrome - In women, a keto diet can help improve insulin levels to fight the disease.


  • Irritable Bowel syndrome - It is quite a tricky fact that increasing fat intake can actually help in this syndrome. Studies show that opting for a ketogenic diet provides relief, alter stool habits, and lower abdominal pain.


  • Gastroesophagael reflux disease - Linked to heartburn, choosing a diet with a higher fat content showed reduced acidic levels of the esophagus.


  • Alzheimer - The brains inability to process glucose, makes it difficult to memorize things. This leads to high levels of inflammation. Thus when you have ketones to kick start your brains capabilities, a ketonic diet is surely a great option.


  • Acne - High levels of glycemic food can promote the growth of acne. Thus it makes complete sense when there is a diet that can counter those problems.


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  • Helps lose weight - By allowing your body go through ‘ketosis’, your body uses fat as an energy source instead of other nutrients. Ultimately that helps lose weight as the stored fats burn promoting weight loss eventually.


  • Treating migraines - Not only it helps reduce headaches, but is also beneficial in treating migraines. Opting for a keto diet (even for a short period) shows significant results.


  • Lowering Blood Sugar level - When you choose to include a ketodiet menu in your regular routine, your body uses more of fats as the energy source. Also, non availability of glycogen targets the stored up fats making your body produce less sugar. This helps your body when you have less blood sugar level while utilizing ketones (the broken molecules of fats in your body).


Keto diet is thus helping people achieve health goals, proving to be an important alternative diet.


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