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How to Make Ketogenic Diets Work Wisely

February 27, 2018 4 min read

How to Make Ketogenic Diets Work Wisely

Basically, a keto diet is something that switches your body from using sugar (derives from carbs) to using fat. It means that you have to reduce sugary foods from your current diet plan. Keto diets especially CKD (cyclical ketogenic diets) are extremely effective diets when it comes to reaching ultra-low and rapid body fat levels with utmost muscle retention. Achieving your keto diet goals is not that difficult if followed in the right way. Apart from its health benefits, you will also have the benefit of an overall sense of well-being and incredible great energy.


How to Make Ketogenic Diets Work Wisely

The Perception

Expect its benefits; there are bodybuilders who have experienced some negative results of the diet in the starting. The major criticisms are:

  • Unbearable hunger
  • Chronic lethargy
  • A sudden decrease in gym performance
  • Muscle loss

These criticisms results occur when the diet is not considered properly. A ketogenic diet is much more than just high protein and 50 grams carbs consumption per day. So, now the question is what it is exactly and how to follow it in a proper way? Let’s have a quick look at keto diet work:

Overview of Ketosis

In general, our organs, muscles, brain, body utilize either ketones or glucose as fuel to produce energy. This is the function of the pancreas and liver to control fuel supply. Glucose is the primary source of fuel as it is generated in high quantity from the keto diet and available readily from muscle stores and liver. Ketones have to be synthesized intentionally by the liver and the liver can effortlessly synthesize glucose too.

We don’t get acetoacetate (ketones), acetone, and beta-hydroxybutyrate from the ketogenic diet. And the liver synthesizes them under duress. Here are few conditions should be met to convince the liver that ketones are the order of the day:

  • Blood glucose should fall under 50 mg/dl
  • Low blood glucose should result in elevated glucagon and low insulin
  • Liver glycogen should be empty or low
  • A great supply of gluconeogenic substrates

At this stage, it is essential to state that this is not about being ‘out’ or ‘in’ of ketosis state. It is a careful and gradual transition so that user’s brain can remain evenly and constantly fuelled. Ketones must be generated in little amounts from about 60 mg/dl blood glucose levels. A person is considered in ketosis state when the concentration of glucose is less than the concentration of ketones in the blood. You need to maintain the protein level in your body, balanced protein level means the liver will continue to generate unwanted glucose, not ketones. This is the reason high protein or high carb diets are not allowed when you are on a ketogenic diet.


How to Make Ketogenic Diets Work Wisely

What is so great about ketosis?

When your body starts using ketones to produce energy instead of using glucose, a range of cool things happen:

  • An increase in body fat breakdown (lipolysis)
  • A sudden decrease in muscle catabolism
  • Energy levels are maintained in a stable and high state

Generally, when you are in ketosis state, your body switches to using ketones (fat) to produce energy. There is no breaking down of muscle to offer glucose that means muscle is being secure and fat is everything your body requires. It specifies that there is less or almost no muscle loss in a ketogenic diet. Apart from maintaining energy, ketones are highly known to make and keep person positive, alert, clear-headed, and fantastic. And as there is no shortage of fat because of consuming high-fat food during ketosis, so the energy level is at its top always. You will feel more refreshed, less sleepy, and energetic all the time.


How to Make Ketogenic Diets Work Wisely

How to Do in the Right Way

To get into ketosis, you need to keep these points in your mind:

  • The intake of carbs must be nil or zero
  • Fat should account for 76%+ of calories
  • Protein consumption must be low i.e. 25% maximum calories

Ketogenic Supplementation?

There are so many supplements on the market that help you in making ketogenic diets more effective and great success. Here are some of the popular supplements:

  • ALA and chromium enhance insulin sensitivity and result in higher glucagon, lower insulin levels, etc.
  • If works properly, HMB is a perfect supplement for minimizing the catabolic state before ketosis is reached
  • Tribulus is great and extremely recommended as it amplifies the enhanced testosterone output of a keto diet
  • Glutamine, free from branched-chain and essential aminos, is worthwhile for the post or pre-training. But, never overdo the glutamine dose as it highly supports gluconeogenesis
  • Acetyl-L or Carnitine in L form is the perfect supplement for keto diets. They play a great role in ketones formation in the liver 
  • Another option is flaxseed oil, but it doesn’t mean you require 50% of calories for fatty acids. Only 1 to 10% calories are more than enough
  • Also, remember you don’t require high protein, whey protein is optional


How to Make Ketogenic Diets Work Wisely

Final Thought about the Keto Diets 

Keto diets provide a set of unique and healthy advantages that can’t be avoided if you’re successfully chasing the low bodyfat physique or figure. One thing you need to worry when on a keto diet is known as “keto flu”. No all keto diet users experience this, but the situation is really tough for those who have to deal with the situation. You may have a headache or you may feel lethargic, but such effects don’t last long. To avoid the situations, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and taking full rest.

Not all keto diets are user-friendly, there are some people who have experienced various challenges or negative effects while following these diets. To enjoy healthy benefits, all you need to do is follow the diets carefully.

If this diet plan is the type of plan you’re interested in or looking for then what are you waiting for now. Consult your healthcare provider and start with a ketogenic diet plan soon. Get ready to experience the unexpected results within a short period of time.



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