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NowKeto Rewards Program

Earn NowKeto Rewards points for every dollar you spend at our store. Plus our members receive the following benefits:


Sign Up: 200 Points

Earn 1 points for every $1 you 
spend at NowKeto


You get: 200 Points


50 Points


50 Points

Now Keto Rewards Q & A

How do I spend points on order discounts?

Spending your points on order discounts is easy. First, make sure you're logged in to your NowKeto Account. Then simply add the products you want to purchase to your shopping cart and use the slider tool (see image below) to choose how many points you want to spend on your discount.

How do I spend points on products and gear?

Make sure you're logged in to your NowKeto Account. Then head over to our store to choose the products and supplements you want to purchase with your points. We update this page all the time so make sure you check back for the sweet new supplements!

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

Nope! We encourage you to use all the available methods to earn as many points as possible so you can spend these points on order discounts or products from our store.

How do I refer people and earn points?

There are two easy ways you can refer people to NowKeto and earn points.

  1. Give them your referral code. This code is entered when the person creates an account or places an order with us.
  2. Give them your URL. When the person clicks your URL and creates an account or places their first order at NowKeto you will be credited.

Your referral code and URL are available from the Referral Program Page in your NowKeto Account.

I placed a review but I don't see the points in my account?

You earn reward points for submitting "verified buyer" reviews. These are reviews of products you've purchased from NowKeto. When submitting a review make sure you're logged in to your NowKeto Account so the review can be credited. Unfortunately we do not offer reward points for reviews of products you have not purchased from NowKeto.

In my account I have "pending points". Why are they pending?

When you place an order reward points are immediately issued to your account in pending status. This just means we haven't processed and shipped your order yet. Once your order ships those points will come off pending status. We process and ship extremely fast (usually within hours) so you won't have to wait long for your points to be available for use!

Can I claim points for orders, reviews, referrals or shares that took place before the Rewards Program started?

Unfortunately not. Reward points will only be issued for orders, reviews, referrals and social shares that occur after the program has begun.

How do I get reward points for sharing on Facebook and Twitter?

To earn points for sharing on Facebook and Twitter you must use the share buttons provided on the order success page (this is the page that says "thank you" after you place an order).