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Will Exercising Put You into Ketosis Quicker?

December 27, 2017 2 min read

Will Exercising Put You into Ketosis Quicker?

Low-carb diet is a secret to get into the ketosis state and if you want to be in this state for a long-term, you have to follow a low carbohydrate diet. Ketosis is a process in which your body starts burning fatty acids as fuel to produce energy. Not only your diet, but your exercising routine also plays a crucial role in your ability to reach and maintain that ketosis state. The exercises you follow make a huge difference in how fast you reach this state. But, this relies hugely on your training intensity and volume. It is recommended to meet a healthcare professional before starting any ketogenic exercise or diet program.



Ketosis is a state in which your body makes fat a primary source to produce energy. Even, if you’re burning fatty acids regularly, you must focus on keeping your glycogen level low so that your body depends mostly on fats for producing energy. You can reduce the sugar levels by restricting or limiting dietary carbohydrates. How fast you get into the ketosis state depends on your diet. Once you enter ketosis, you need to work to maintain that state.

 Will Exercising Put You into Ketosis Quicker?


Exercise uses several energy forms like fats, amino acids, and carbs for energy. The more you exercise, the more glycogen you start depleting, and less your body consume it to generate energy. And, when your glycogen levels decrease low enough, you get into ketosis. Exercising also depletes blood sugar level and muscle glycogen, but depending on how hard you exercise.

 Will Exercising Put You into Ketosis Quicker?

Advantages of exercising

Once you reach ketogenic state, regular exercising can help you stay in the same for a long time. Intense workout in balanced volume can also help you take few carbs in ketosis state as well. You can consume a small amount of sugar just after performing the dense exercise, as your blood sugar is comparatively low this time. Your hormones help you shuttle the amount of sugar you consume directly in muscles without affecting your ketosis state,


It is completely clear from above discussion that regular exercise can put you into ketogenic state faster. For balanced results, you need to maintain a proper balance between both your dieting and exercising routine because both are linked to each other when it comes to ketosis.


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