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Various Benefits and Side-Effects of Ketogenic Diet

November 03, 2017 2 min read

Various Benefits and Side-Effects of Ketogenic Diet

There are two sides of a coin. A ketogenic diet though propounded so much also has a down side to it. Let’s discuss in detail, the benefits of ketogenic diet and then apprehend ourselves about its side effects.

Benefits of Keto Diet

Benefits of Keto Diet

Balanced Weight: Many people have been using high-fat and low-carb diets for years to maintain their weight. Keto diet switches your body to use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates and burn the excessive fat. Therefore, it’s highly effectively in reducing weight and maintaining it.

2. Healthy brain functioning: Apart from weight loss, ketogenic diet also helps you in improving your concentration and boosting the brain functions. This is another major reason most of the people prefer keto diet. Also, keto diets are becoming extremely famous in several high-performance career industries. There are a number of testimonials of those following the keto diet plan.

3. Balances blood sugar: For people who want to maintain their blood sugar balance, a ketogenic diet is a great option. It is proved that an intake of low-carbohydrate foods encourages blood sugar balance.

4. Stabilizes your energy level: Stability of your energy level throughout the day is another benefit keto diet braces you with. Once you are in ketosis state, you have a regular and wide source of energy in the form of fat. It keeps you feeling energetic and active throughout the daily activities.

Benefits of Keto Diet

Side-Effects of Keto Diet

When human body accustoms itself to a new way of eating, it obviously experiences some fluctuations in body functioning. And when it comes to adapting ketogenic diet, your body starts burning its own stored fat as fuel for energy, and it may lead to some side-effects of the body.

Here are some of keto diet side-effects:

1. Short-term side effects: These side-effects are common among beginners. Hypoglycemia is a very common side-effect. The signs of this side effect may include:
Frequent urination
Shakiness and lightheadedness
Excessive thirst
Anxiety and confusion
Bad breath
Lack of energy

Although you may have to experience some keto side effects but these effects are not permanent. They recede after some time. Some people experience side-effects whereas some feel incredible benefits from the same. Choosing the diet judiciously and only when you really need it makes all the difference.

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