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The Keto Beginner's Guide to MCT Powder

May 02, 2018 5 min read

The Keto Beginner's Guide to MCT Powder

If you're new to keto, you may not yet know about the magic of MCT powder. Here's everything you need to know about what it is, how it works, and why you'll want to include it in your keto meal plans.


Fad diets come and go. Sorting the fact from the fiction of the latest diet trends is a must if you want to find the one that's right for you.

The Keto diet is far from a fad. But that doesn't stop it from being one of the most Googled diets in recent years.

The Keto diet is a low-calorie, high-fat diet plan that gives your body energy while helping it burn more fat stores in your body. You'll enjoy a boost of energy while also losing weight.

But while following the Keto diet guidelines on their own can help you enjoy these benefits, the right supplement can drastically increase your results. MCT powder is one great option.

Keep reading to learn what it is, how to use it, and why it can help you reach your diet and exercise goals.


MCT Powder from Coconuts

What is MCT Powder?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides.

The powder form of MCT is spray dried from its natural liquid state in order to create a powder that is then encapsulated with a shell to make it into a more usable form.

Starch or starch derivatives, as well as milk proteins, are also often added to the powder before the shell is added.



MCT Powder Vs. Oil

If you've ever used or heard of MCT oil, then you already know a lot about the powder version. That's because the powder is simply MCT oil that has been spray-dried to create the powder state.

Because they are the same product in a different form, MCT oil and MCT powder have the same benefits and uses.

The difference between the two is how you use them.

MCT powder offers a range of benefits over MCT oil because of how easy it is to use. In the powder state, it can easily be added to baking recipes, dissolved in liquids, or sprinkled into other foods.

Mixing it into drinks or home recipes makes it much easier to take with you on the go, to the gym, or anywhere you need to be, without worrying about bringing along a messy bottle of oil.

The powder form of MCT is even available in single-use packets that you can easily keep in your car, purse, office or suitcase.

The powder form of MCT is also easier on the digestive system. Some MCT oil users report gut distress while using the product. This could include diarrhea or discomfort. But the powder version eliminates these issues. Rather than having to reduce the amount of MCT you can take at a time or giving it up entirely, MCT powder offers a simple solution.

If you take any other supplements, MCT powder also makes it easier to mix with those supplements. This means saving time and effort while ensuring that you can quickly and easily take any supplements required for your current diet and exercise plan.



Who Should Be Using MCT Powder?

MCT is a common addition to a Keto diet. Because the keto diet calls for very little carbs, it can be difficult to keep up energy levels throughout the day.

MCT not only helps increase energy levels, but also promotes weight loss, improves blood lipids, and more. Some studies have even suggested that MCT can help reduce cancer risks.

Whether you're on the Keto diet and looking for a way to replace carbohydrates for energy production, or you're looking for a healthy way to enjoy the above benefits, MCT powder is a simple, healthy solution.


MCT with Protein Powder

How to Use MCT Protein Powder

The powder form of MCT is easy to use and transport, which also means that its easy to add to your meal plan.

If you are constantly on the go or just don't do a lot of home cooking, one easy solution is to add the powder to the beverages you already drink. It can be easily added to shakes and smoothies for a powerful protein punch. Flavored versions of the powder make it easier to digest in your favorite daily drink.

Another popular way to use it is MCT powder coffee. The powder is easy to dissolve in coffee. Drinking it in the morning means an added boost of energy alongside the caffeine. This can be a great way to wake up and energize yourself for a long day of work or for working out.

Making MCT coffee is as easy as brewing your favorite java blend, then pouring it piping hot over your pre-measure powder, and shaking it to blend.

But smoothies and MCT coffee, also known as bulletproof coffee, are far from your only options.

Homemade energy bars, as well as breakfast foods like pancakes and oatmeal, are also great with MCT protein powder. Mixed in in the proper dosage, you won't even taste the powder or realize it is there until it starts kicking in and you get that boost of energy that you're looking for.


MCT in Your Coffee

What is the Proper Dosage for Taking MCT Powder?

The MCT dosage that you should be using depends on your own diet and exercise goals, as well as your body.

When you're new to taking MCT supplements, it's a good idea to start small. Everyone's bodies react differently to new substances. The last thing you want to do is shock your system.

Start by adding small doses of powder to your favorite foods or beverages once or twice a day.

Once you've made sure that your body can handle it, you'll be good to go ahead and add MCT to your daily drinks, breakfasts, and even lunches. Just be sure to follow the dosage guidelines provided on the container of the specific MCT powder that you choose.

Beware of taking MCT late in the day though. The boost of energy that gets you through your workout or workday won't be as welcome when it's keeping you from getting the rest that you need night!


MCT Can Power Your Day

Start Adding MCT Powder to Your Diet Today

MCT powder is a great addition to the Keto diet or other diet plans that you might be on. You'll enjoy increased weight loss results, a boost of energy, and a range of other benefits.

It's easy to use, simple to add to your daily diet, and soft on your body so you won't experience issues common with MCT oil use.

If you're ready to start increasing the performance of your Keto diet, its time to find the right supplements for you. Shop our Keto powders today to find the perfect solution for your diet and exercise goals!

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