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Keto and Cognition- What’s the link

April 22, 2018 2 min read

Keto and Cognition- What’s the link

Most of the cognitive impairment problems are associated with the energy supply of the brain. Actually, in healthy people, glucose can easily meet the need of brain’s energy. But, in numerous conditions of cognitive impairment, glucose fails to meet these needs.

Talking about cognitive impairment- It is not a disease but a description of one’s conditions. The individuals suffering from this condition have trouble in understanding or speaking or sometimes even remembering places, people or things.

In such cases, keto diet is usually a preferred choice as the human brain is can use ketones as energy. This is where ketone supplements or ketogenic diet steps in.


the brain and the keto diet


Here are a few short-term causes of Cognitive impairment-

  • Deficiency of vitamin
  • Dehydration
  • Infections such as pneumonia or urinary tract infection
  • Medications side effective


Long-term causes are

  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury
  • Dementia




Use MCTs to enhance Cognitive Functions

Medium Chain Triglycerides aka MCTs are found in coconut oil and are not considered as normal fats. These can be easily absorbed by the liver where they metabolized to ketones instantly. These can be used by the brain and also influence the overall neurological processes. According to a study carried out on MCT-supplemented keto diet along with mild cognitive impairment, ‘With 70% fat, the diet is already considered as ketogenic, but when MCTs are added, it becomes highly ketogenic.

However, eating high-diet carbs often makes your blood sugar fluctuate. With regard to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, carbs consumption can have long-term ill effects. 

When people switch to a ketogenic diet, they maintain the same amount of protein intake just like the high carb diet and receive most of their carbs from foods like berries, nuts, and veggies.


The brain and Keto diet

When the brain deprives glucose, it will result in low brain function and energy. People can feel a little fuzzy at first, but after 3-4 days of carbs intake, the brain craves for glucose to be running on ketone bodies in the blood. Moreover, on ketones, the brains drop in glucose by running up to 70% and work more efficiently than only on glucose.

When the brain switches to the ketone bodies it not only supports cellular growth but also improves long-term cognitive ability. When ketones are fueled in mind, you can enjoy better hormone regulation and balanced mood, resulting in less anxiety and stress in a long-term.

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