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Here is How the Keto Diet Helps You Deal With Health Issues

May 17, 2018 4 min read

Here is How the Keto Diet Helps You Deal With Health Issues

A ketogenic diet, aka low carb high fat, kato diet or low carb diet is a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. If you go on this diet, your body will start the production of ketones in your liver and use them as energy. According to experts, you can enjoy a number of benefits with this diet, such as weight loss, better focus and normal blood sugar levels, just to name a few. Let’s get a deeper insight into what this diet is and how it can benefit you.

The Goal of a Keto Diet

When you consume something rich in carbohydrates, your body produces insulin and glucose. The later is relatively easier for your body to convert into energy. Insulin is released to regulate the amount of glucose in your blood.

Since your body uses glucose as the primary source of energy, it won’t need fats. As a result, the fat is accumulated over time.

When you are on a regular diet, your body will consume glucose as the primary source of energy. But when you consume a diet that is low in carbs, your body turns to ketosis, which is a natural process that your body goes through in order to survive. During this stage, you produce ketones through the burning of fat in your liver. So, the goal of a good keto diet is to help your body use ketones as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

Fortunately, the human body is extremely adaptive. If you go on a keto diet and consume foods rich in fat and low in carbohydrates, your body will start burning ketones for energy. Most people adopt this diet for better health, weight loss, and better mental performance.


Keto and Your Health

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

Consuming a keto diet offers a host of benefits as said earlier. Most people use this diet to lose weight and improve their focus. Although this diet has scores of benefits, we are going to take a look at some of the main benefits.

  1. Weight Loss

If you are overweight, keto is good news for you. Since a keto diet burns fat in your body to produce energy, you lose a good deal of extra fat and this means you are going to shed a lot of extra pounds.

What happens is that the kato diet causes your insulin levels to drop significantly, which results in a fast reduction in the amount of fat in your body.

  1. Management of Blood Sugar levels

Since the Keto diet allows only a specific type of foods, it reduces your blood sugar levels. According to many studies, those who want to prevent or manage diabetes can benefit more from a low-carb diet than a low-calorie one.

  1. Better Focus

Some people go on a keto diet for better mental performance. One characteristic of ketones is that they supply a lot of energy to your brain. By reducing your intake of carbohydrates, you can regulate your blood sugar levels. And this way you can improve your focus and concentration.

Apart from this, many studies have proved that the consumption of fatty acids can enhance the performance of your brain.


Boost Energy

  1. Increased Energy

If you go on a keto diet, you will stay energetic throughout the day. As far as efficacy goes, fat is a better source of fuel. In addition, since fat is relatively more satisfying, you can remain in the satiated state for a longer period of time.

  1. Epilepsy

The keto diet has been a successful treatment for epilepsy since 1990s. In fact, it’s one of the most popular therapies for this disorder. The great thing about this diet is that it reduces the number of drugs need to treat epilepsy but still offer the same results.

  1. Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

The formation of blood clots happens in the arteries in most patients. A keto diet improves both the cholesterol and triglyceride levels that may contribute to arterial buildup.

According to research studies, a low carbohydrates and high-fat diet may raise HDL and lower LDL. In addition, a diet low in carbohydrates also regulates blood pressure.

If you are overweight, your blood pressure may be high. Eating a keto diet can help you shed the extra pounds, thus preventing high blood pressure.

  1. Insulin Resistance

If you have insulin resistance, you may suffer from type II diabetes, especially if you don’t take any measures to manage it. Many studies have proved that a low-carb keto diet can help bring the insulin levels in health ranges.

  1. Skin Issues

If you have issues with your skin, such as acne or skin inflammation, you can benefit greatly from the keto diet. Some people suffer from acne due to a high-carb diet; these people can get relief by eating a keto diet.

This was a basic introduction to the ketogenic diet and the myriad of benefits it offers. If you are experiencing any of the health issues discussed in the benefits section of this article, please ask your doctor or health nutritionist if Keto may be right for you.

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