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ThriveKeto | Kickstart Program w/ Ciara

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Are you Ready To Challenge Yourself? Do you want to

Get out of a Keto Stall?

Take your keto diet regime to the next level?

Feel and look confident with your new body?

Perform your best?

Optimize your life and think clearly?

Do the things you have always wanted to do?

Learn the best Keto Tricks from an expert?

Take keto to the next level?


Our Virtual Program is Designed for All

Those that are currently on the diet!

Those that want to try keto for the first time!

Those that want a challenge!

Those that want to break a keto stall!

Those that want to step up their keto game! 

Those that want to learn how to burn fat fast!

Those in any location around the world!

and more....


If this is you than ThriveKeto™ Kickstart Program is for you!

We have some amazing coaches ready to help you along your journey to a better you! Lauren will help you to achieve the most from your keto diet and live your best life now.

Starting the keto diet can be a daunting experience with a lot of questions. That's why we started the keto coaching program to help others achieve their goals on the Keto Diet.

Feel and look your best with a NowKeto® Coach on your side with our ThriveKeto™ Kickstart Program! 

"We Help others take charge of their lives and give them the tools and guidance they need to live their best life now and lose the weight they want and deserve."

-Joshua Paul, NowKeto® Founder


What ThriveKeto™ Kickstart Includes:

This is a one-time introductory coaching plan to help you get started on the keto diet or to take it to the next level!

7 Day 29 Page Meal Plan Guide with Tips and direction for meal planning

Keto Tips & Tricks delivered daily to you

A live 15-minute phone call with a professional keto coach. Ask anything and get direction for you keto weight loss journey!

Access to our Facebook Group for additional support and questions.

Discounts on NowKeto® supplements.

Meal Ideas & direction with planning.


About Your Personal Coach(s): 

Hi, my name is Ciara. Throughout my entire adult life, I have struggled with compulsive dieting and food addiction. I had tried every fad diet under the sun; anything promising immediate or significant results. By the age of 30, and after welcoming two precious children into this world, I tipped the scales at just over 225 pounds. I could barely squeeze into a size 16. Working toward overcoming severe anxiety and depression, I had also begun taking multiple medications on a regular basis. I was afraid of life, afraid of judgment, and almost ready to give up completely. That is when I first heard about Keto…

I can’t even begin to describe the many ways that this amazing lifestyle has transformed my inner and outer self. Keto eliminates my cravings, my tendency to be an emotional eater, and even allows me not to binge (for the first time in my life)! I have been able to establish more healthy sleep patterns and now have a tremendous amount of energy. The health benefits of choosing a Keto lifestyle, coupled with exercise, has allowed me to be in the best shape of my life! After 18 months I’m down over 70lbs.  Now I work with others to help them get results and help them live their best life!  I truly believe that with proper guidance you will get the results!

If you are considering this lifestyle, I highly suggest it.

I will never go back to the way I was eating before. Keto saved my life!


Lose Weight & Support a Great Cause!

NowKeto™ was a dream to change the world by helping others. Our unique 1 for 1 Keto model helps others fight malnutrition by providing vitamins. With every purchase of NowKeto™ products, you can help mothers and children with malnutrition in undeserved countries.



NowKeto™ No Risk 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

As a team, we only want to give our customers the best in nutrition. If you are not completely satisfied please reach out to us at any time for a full refund* Some restrictions may apply. Must have your order number or receipt. Please call or email for details.

It's our aim to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our company, products, and cause.


Please Note: If you have a medical condition or are on medication you will need to speak with your doctor to find out if the keto diet is right for you.